Creating partner content is no easy feat, and while we may not have a magical “Content Fairy,” the creative landscape has evolved. In 2023 where generative AI and automation tools are rapidly on the rise, we can blend the power of technology with our essential human touch. Here are some key tips for how you can create more compelling content while subtly incorporating the benefits of automation and AI:

Tip #1 Start with a Strategy

Crafting impactful partner content begins with a strategic approach. Dive into understanding the specific needs of your partners—whether it’s training, product insights, marketing materials, technical specifications, or support documents. Now you can leverage AI and automation tools to analyze partner needs and efficiently segment content based on their requirements, saving hours of manual labor. Whether your program caters to a single partner type or various partner categories, recognizing the unique needs of each segment is crucial Remember, it’s not just about adding random content; it’s about adding information that serves a purpose tailored to their specific needs.

Tip #2 Determine Content Owners

Ensuring the relevance of your partner’s content requires effective management, and that’s where content ownership plays a pivotal role. AI and automation tools can significantly contribute to creating an organized content calendar and suggesting content that aligns seamlessly with the right owners or experienced individuals within your organization.

As your content strategy unfolds, identify content owners across diverse organizational areas—be it marketing, products, programs, or support. Streamline the process by using automation and AI to assign content to the most suitable owners based on their expertise. These tools can not only facilitate content creation but also assist in managing the lifecycle of content—automating the removal of outdated materials and seamlessly integrating new ones.

Tip #3 Don’t Duplicate Content

When gathering partner content be careful not to duplicate public-facing content. This can create a content management nightmare. Content management is hard enough; don’t create more work than needed. Remember that partner content should be specific to partners. While public-facing product content may be relevant to partners you can point to the public pages without recreating that content. If the bulk of your portal content is pointing to public pages you probably need to refer to Tip #1 and create a better content strategy. AI-powered content management systems can significantly impact the efficiency and effectiveness of your content work.

Tip #4 Be Specific

The one-size-fits-all approach will not work for your partners. Partner content should add value to partners whether it teaches them something new, solves a customer problem or answers a question. Content should be segmented to the right partner type, tier, or even user role. Text can get boring and is often overused, so consider using a mix of videos, images, and infographics in your strategy to keep partners engaged. Less is more so drive the point home by cutting to the chase with your partner’s content. Focus on creating content that has a purpose and is centered on what partners actually need.

Tip #5 Measure Usage

Do not make assumptions. Usage reporting should become a key component of your content strategy. In the age of analytics, automate the measurement of content usage. AI-powered analytics tools can provide insights into what content resonates with partners, helping you adapt your strategy in real time. Understand the data, refine your approach, and let technology be the guiding wand to enhance the magical impact of your content.

While we may not be able to summon a magic wand, the integration of generative AI and automation tools can indeed be the modern enchantment for creating and managing partner content that thrives in the next years. The Content Fairy is becoming real!

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