Strengthen Partnering Trust and Build Better Teams

Developed with researchers at leading business schools at the University of Notre Dame, Arizona State University, and the University of Glasgow; PQi® is the first-of-its-kind, scientifically verified psychometric assessment that measures how and how well we build trust, the foundation of all partnerships.

This PQi® assessment helps business teams identify their individual partnering tendencies. And follow-up workshops build awareness and support behavior change that accelerates trust in business partnerships, creates unity, and promotes collaboration.

Trusting teams are 50% more productive and 76% more engaged, which leads to improved business outcomes and a greater return on your investment.

Gain clarity on the traits that create successful business partnerships

What business challenges does PQi solve?

Cross Functional and Company Alignment

  • Build alignment across Sales, Channel, Marketing, Product, Engineering, and Finance
  • Boost productivity across functions
  • Drive Board alignment and increase trust
  • Accelerate customer success

Partnership Acceleration

  • Increase trust with customers
  • Penetrate prospects
  • Expand alliances
  • Deepen understanding of partnering needs
  • Enhance responsiveness to partner expectations

M&A and Organization Development

  • Accelerate the pace of change
  • Accelerate acquisitions
  • Elevate unity and break down barriers
  • Boost team integration and alignment

Your PQi® Journey Starts Here!

PQi® Foundations: Understand How to Build Powerful Alliances

  • Understand the conceptual framework for PQi
  • Understand how PQi is useful as a psychometric assessment
  • Learn how PQi measures trust and one's capacity for partnering
  • Learn the strengths and blind spots of each Profile
  • Develop strategies and tactics to improve weaker Profiles


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PQi® for Business Application: Become a More Trusted Partner

  • Learn the core values and guiding principles of each PQi Profile
  • Learn how to assess the needs and preferences of partners
  • Understand how to leverage individual strengths to build trust
  • Develop strategies and tactics to improve communication and avoid conflict in partner relationships


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PQi® for Internal & External Teams: Managing for Outcomes

  • Learn how to assess the team PQi Profile
  • Learn how to use PQi to manage individuals and teams
  • Understand how to use individual PQi Profiles to increase diversity in teams
  • Learn how to use the PQi to improve team dynamics, productivity, and impact



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Discover how the PQi Facilitator Certification Program can elevate your consultancy or training practice. Gain insights into our unique, evidence-based training system that includes the PQi Psychometric Assessment and specialized workshops. Equip yourself with educational resources, tailored talking points, and ongoing support from Senior Certified Facilitators.

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