Join us for an engaging LinkedIn Live discussion with experienced industry experts like:

Who delved into the critical strategies to conquer the pivotal first 90 days as an executive or a new team member in the C Suite, in sales, or channel. Assuming a leadership role is no small feat, the initial three months can make or break your tenure, setting the tone for your team’s success and organizational growth.

This LinkedIn Live session is a valuable resource for both aspiring and newly appointed leaders looking to navigate this pivotal phase effectively. Their insights can also be applied to Directors and Managers in new roles. Our panel of experts will share practical advice, personal anecdotes, and actionable tips on various aspects of the first 90 days, including

  • Setting the Vision
  • Communication and alignment
  • Building and Leading Teams
  • Relationships
  • Challenges & Pitfalls
  • Performance Metrics

Our panelists shared their experiences and provided real-world examples to help you hit the ground running and thrive in any new role. Whether you’re already in the hot seat or preparing for a new position, this discussion promises to deliver valuable insights to accelerate your success.

Watch the full conversation here: