Develop elite partnering expertise as a team

The AchieveUnite Partner Performance Advisor (PPA) program is designed for Channel Account Managers and Direct Sellers on your team who want to develop elite partnering expertise. Rooted in the groundbreaking work around Partner LifeTime Value®, the emphasis of the training is about actual outcomes, not just theory. Case studies and peer group sessions are a core component of this virtual, flipped-classroom course.

Participants learn how to identify potential partners, assess their fit, and effectively onboard them by getting to the core of their motivations to help accelerate their productivity through a partnering strategy focused on building quantifiable measures of success.

PPA Tracks

PPA for Partner Managers

  • Understand the ‘best fit’ Partner's business
  • Identify your PQi® Profile
  • Understand how to improve your Partner relationship-building skills
  • Explain how to use joint planning to create unique joint value propositions.

PPA for Sales

  • Defining tri-partnerships to help accelerate growth
  • Identify your PQi® Profile
  • Building trust and selling collaboratively – with the partner and with internal stakeholders
  • Use a collaborative territory & account planning process through partner value, mutual trust, and joint selling

PPA for Executives

  • Understand your Partners' business
  • Increase team trust and productivity with PQi®
  • Understand how to improve team relationship-building skills
  • Become the Partners' trusted advisor using joint planning to create unique value

PPA for Marketers

  • Conduct strategic planning and secure investment
  • Generate demand and define success metrics
  • Collaborate on to-through-with marketing
  • Understand variations in partner types

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