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What is a Channel Anyway?

It’s time to shed the “Channel” Tag For decades, we in the Technology Sector have referred to our path to the market as a channel. As a result, we have Channel Strategies, Channel Programs, Channel Account Managers, Channel Incentives, etc. Well, it is time to look at the route to market differently...
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Partner Lifetime Value Webinar

After years of trying to manage and motivate our channel partners with carrots and sticks, the team at AchieveUnite believes in a better way, a more natural and intrinsic way. We call this enlightened approach “Partner-Centric Management” with a primary focus on the lifetime value of a partner.

What’s in a Mentor? 12 Ideas for Succeeding in a Mentoring Relationship

The discussion around Mentorship is not new – according to Wikipedia, the word itself was inspired by a character in Homer’s Odyssey – but the building importance that has been put on the cultivation of mentors and mentees is a great opportunity for professionals of all levels in today’s world. As I...

Part 3 of 6 – PartnerTap & AchieveUnite Series

So, what happened to the central IT buyer and why did this shift take place? The digitization of business was the most significant catalyst for the dynamic shift in modern buying behaviors.

Get to the Table First

The modern business buying process has changed. With more information at our fingertips than ever before, buyers are researching and developing their decisions long before they engage with a sales rep. It is reported that buyers complete approximately 57% of their journey before even speaking with a...

How to Deliver Better Outcomes for Your Customers

Introduction from Jim Schwartz, Senior Director, Global Channel Programs, Sungard AS Business is moving faster, it is constantly changing and becoming more and more competitive. In this new reality, how do you, as a player in the IT market, keep up? How do you find and close more deals? How do yo...
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Challenger & Collaborative Selling – A Hybrid Approach

Breaking into new accounts is one of the toughest challenges in sales. Given the challenges, many sales people dread prospecting and fall prey to procrastination. Still, for a business to grow, new customers must be acquired regularly so prospecting remains a daily activity for most professional sal...

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