We recently held our 2nd Annual Next Gen Partnering Summit, and we are thrilled to say we had an incredible day of connecting and learning. Together with our generous sponsors, our host Carahsoft, outstanding speakers, wonderful guests, and the talented AchieveUnite team, it was a truly invaluable day of discovery! Feedback has been beyond positive:

“Yesterday, I had the opportunity to attend the 2nd Annual Next Gen Partnering Summit, hosted by AchieveUnite.  The key takeaway for me was that trust is the backbone of any successful partnership. What’s a good way to create trust? Shared risk”.  – Partner Development leader at Red Hat

“It was interactive, engaging, and most of all interesting! I never once found myself checking my phone or looking up what was next. I was too intrigued by the lineup you all had.” Manager, Channe Programs -Insperity

Excellent Day with AchieveUnite! Business is Better when Trust is being built. This team’s focus on building trust is very clear. Thank you for bringing together an awesome team of people! Senior Principal Consultant -Federal Growth Strategies


Our keynote and lightning talk speakers explored topics related to partnering trust, team building and burnout:

The Assistant Director of the FBI, brought a wealth of experience to the summit. His session focused on the critical intersection of leadership and partnering, drawing parallels between law enforcement and the business landscape. Sundberg explored how effective leadership is not only a cornerstone in law enforcement but also a strategic imperative in the world of business. Attendees gained valuable insights into the principles that underpin successful collaboration and leadership in both arenas.

VP of Sales & Business Development at MarketSource, delivered a compelling session centered around “Partnering for Outcomes.” Cleary artfully weaved together examples from nature to illustrate the essence of effective partnering. With a keen focus on customer experience, attendees learned how to align their strategies with tangible outcomes. Cleary’s session provided practical insights that resonated with the audience, offering a fresh perspective on the symbiotic relationship between partnering strategies and positive customer experiences.

VP of Global Marketing at Xcitium, shared a deeply personal and meaningful story during her session. She delved into the topic of burnout, offering insights on recognizing the signs and, more importantly, recovering from it. Langley’s session provided a unique blend of vulnerability and wisdom, resonating with attendees who could relate to the challenges of navigating burnout in the fast-paced business world.

Global Channels & Alliances Chief at Ivanti, provided valuable guidance on positive change management during her session. Focused on transitions, Hodges shared a leadership perspective that offered practical advice for navigating organizational changes effectively. Attendees gained insights into fostering resilience and adaptability within their teams, ultimately contributing to positive outcomes during periods of transition.

Representing the US Army Special Operations Command, presented a session that delved into the intricate dynamics of trust, technology, and team building. Drawing from his experiences in special operations, Larrabee offered a lesson on gaining trust from both commanding officers and team members. His session highlighted the importance of data analytics in establishing and maintaining trust within high-stakes environments.

U.S. Army Retired and Principal at Deep Water Point, shared profound insights into leadership and partnering amid challenges. His session focused on navigating times of ambiguity, uncertainty, and complexity, drawing upon his extensive experiences in the U.S. military. Swan’s deep dive into the complexities of leadership provided a roadmap for effective partnering in challenging and unpredictable environments.

We held two PQi® workshops and launched our new PQi badges.

Have you taken a PQi class and received your badge? Learn more about PQi here: Partnering Quotient Index


We also held fascinating panel discussions:

The Role of Trusted Relationships in Revenue Acceleration

  • Panelists: Heather Clifford, Juniper, Anthony D’Angelo, Zift, and Jennifer Goode, CrossCountry Consulting, Greg Clifton, Sales Director – DOD & Intelligence, Intel
  • Description: In the past, we’ve thought about trust-building as a “soft skill” but, today, it is seen as an essential precursor for all our relationships. Panelists shared real examples of how trust and ROI are interwoven in their business planning and are especially critical to increasing revenue.

Partnering Innovation: Trends and Best Practices

  • Panelists: Frie Petre, Qollabi, Christian Goffi, Nutanix, Susan Shapero, HPE
  • Description: You probably have a large portfolio of partners but are getting very little engagement or revenue from most of them. Panelists described how they became more strategic, more selective, and highly creative in building successful and profitable partnership programs. This session discussed trends including AI, the impact of marketplaces on partnering, and more.

Leadership and Partnering Hot Topics provided great discussions and answered questions:


A huge thanks to our Platinum Sponsors: MarketSource Inc.NutanixHewlett Packard EnterpriseIntel CorporationJuniper NetworksZift Solutions; Gold Sponsors: Mindset AITrend MicroIvanti; and Silver Sponsors: CrossCountry ConsultingPartnerOptimizer, Inc. And thanks to Carahsoft for hosting us!


Interested in joining us next year to level up your partnering skills and make great new connections?

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