Over the next few years, it will become more evident that technology providers are not providing solutions. Instead, they provide the ingredients to true end-customer business solutions. Future business solutions will employ components from multiple technology providers crossing the traditional channel networks and alliances. Rather than pure technology defining new products, the fit to the solution and the ease of integration will be the primary selection criteria. Thus, the technology channels to markets will increasingly become partner-led channels.

As technology channels shift from being vendor-dominate to partner-led, the role of the Channel Account Manager takes on new significance. In tomorrow’s channel, it is the Partner Team that:

  • Makes the connection with partners of value that provide both end-client value and higher than average growth.
  • Coordinates the resources of the vendor so that these resources produce results for the partner.
  • Amplifies the voice of the partner within the vendor organization which is a composite voice of many end-customers.

Every partner is different and wants to be treated as an individual with unique needs. To be effective in this emerging value migration, the vendor’s channel teams and support staff must be armed with new skills, skills that are partner-centric. For example:

  • What is the partner’s business model?
  • What is the partner’s value proposition to its clients?
  • How best can the vendor’s interests and the partner’s interests be intertwined?
  • What is the partner’s appetite for growth?
  • What resources does the partner need to accomplish its growth plans?

Dealing with our channel partners as true equals will position vendors for even greater success in the future. A seamless relationship with a vendor’s partners orchestrated by the vendor’s representative is essential as more and more end clients seek truly integrated business solutions delivered in the last mile by the vendor’s solution providers.

With these market factors in mind, AchieveUnite has created Partner Performance Advisory services with the flagship program, Partner Performance Advisor (PPA). AchieveUnite’s PPA is built on three core partnering competencies, integrated and applied to the vendor’s strategic imperatives. Learn more about PPA and how it can improve your overall partner experience.