A leading eCommerce tech company teamed up with AchieveUnite to accelerate partner success when they realized they were sitting on an untapped opportunity with their partners. The change that needed to take place had to happen from the inside out. The discussion started with a basic but important question: “What are the overall business goals? How and which partners can help them reach their goals?”

“It was hugely advantageous for us to bring in AchieveUnite to help us make informed decisions based on Channel Best Practices”

– Program Manager

Quickly, the organization realized one of their challenges was that they were treating their partners as users, starting with their communications to them. With AchieveUnite’s Channel Best Practice techniques, their channel program was able to change how they messaged and interacted with their partners. In particular, they began providing partners with updates about the company and platform and let their partners know in advance about go-to-market feature releases.

With transparent and consistent partner communication in place, AchieveUnite was asked to conduct the first round of partner segmentation in order to better understand their partners’ needs.  AchieveUnite helped the team segment their existing partner ecosystem into four quadrants:

  • Laggards
  • Cash-cows
  • MVPs
  • Diamonds in the Rough

The eCommerce company then hand-selected 30 partners from the Diamonds in the Rough and Laggards quadrants and placed them into the AchieveUnite FastTrack program.

The AchieveUnite FastTrack program is a transformational approach to developing the “partnering muscle” within and between organizations. For this organization, the Fast Track program enabled them to:

  • Develop the best practices for success checklist,
  • accelerate high potential partners through a focused initiative and joint accountability,
  • and evaluate partners to determine which are worth continued investment for revenue growth.

This completely virtual FastTrack program proved to be very effective. After only one year, the organization:

  • Extended their sales reach, lead acquisition, and maximize partner leads
  • Produces higher quality partner leads
  • Better positions the company against competitors
  • Lead a very successful first roundtable with 500 registered and over 200 attendees
  • Has seen a 30% increase in newsletter open rates by partners
  • Consistently meets and achieves new revenue goals with partners

Through partner segmentation and a focused approach, this tech giant was able to see, recognize, and maximize partner potential.

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