The Leadership Training Program that Changes Lives

Research shows that the best business leaders have strong soft skills, high emotional intelligence, and collaborate well across teams, organizations, customers, and partnerships. But honing these skills doesn’t come easy, especially for busy professionals who can’t afford to be locked in a classroom for days on end.

That’s why we created ACE: Leadership by Influence. Our uniquely designed program delivers high-quality professional development, leadership training, and expertise typically reserved for the organizational elite in a high-impact virtual environment. Expand your knowledge, enhance your leadership, and accelerate your career success.

Uniquely designed and delivered, the ACE experience has been instrumental in helping so many professional break through a roadblock, get beyond a plateau, and pursue greater heights than they ever thought possible. Delivered to individuals and groups, ACE has been a catalyst for change for so many people in so many ways.

What makes a successful leader? The answer is ACE.

Authentic Leadership



ACE Outcomes

  1. Create a personal & authentic brand of leadership
  2. Build their own personal channel leadership roadmap
  3. Develop new behaviors that align with being a strong leader
  4. Navigate challenging relationships
  5. Become more influential while maintaining confidence & soul

ACE Topics

  1. Decision Making
  2. Getting your Voice Heard
  3. Inspiring Others To Action
  4. Moving Out…Moving Up
  5. Negotiations
  6. Difficult Conversations
  7. Your Channel Expertise
  8. Authentic Leadership

A Collaborative Learning Experience

Authentic leadership skills are best developed by interacting with others—preferably business professionals and channel leaders like yourself. The ACE Program gives you exactly that—an opportunity to learn with and from other fellow professionals in a safe, confidential, and trustworthy setting. Each group is limited to 12 participants, which reduces class formation wait-time and creates a more ideal learning environment.

Anyone can read a book or watch a video, but the best leadership development occurs in the company of others. And when those others are highly motivated professionals like you with valuable insights to share—well, there’s just nothing like it.

Benefits of Peer Groups

  • Peer groups can be a powerful resource for ongoing innovation, problem solving, and support.
  • Peer groups can provide invaluable advice, networking opportunities, and even new career/job leads.
  • A peer group is a safe environment to share, explore difficult or challenging scenarios, and learn new skills.
  • A peer group can hold you accountable for your goals and help you stay on track.

Learning built around you

ACE: Leadership By Influence is an 8-week virtual course. Each 90 minute session is designed as a “flipped classroom”, where participants are required to complete assignments prior to each peer group meeting. This format transforms the meetings into a space where participants assimilate new knowledge from one another and apply it to real-life situations, all under the direction of a skilled instructor. Rather than learning in isolation, participants can problem solve in real time and empower one another with uniquely targeted and valuable feedback.

Classes begin either in the morning (8am PT / 11am ET) or in the afternoon (1pm PT / 4:00pm ET). Participants must select their preferred time, either at the time of registration or before the first class period. However, preferred class times cannot be changed once selected. Reserve your seat now!

Only 90 Minutes/Week

Tuition & Fees

Each seat in the ACE: Leadership By Influence program includes 8 weeks of consecutive peer group meetings, as well as full access to all course content for the duration of the course.

1 SeatIndividual Pricing: $1,895

Reserve Seat

Organizational Pricing: $19,995  

Reserve Seat

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