As the New Year begins, most of us find ourselves reflecting on the past and contemplating the possibilities that lie ahead. It’s a time when resolutions are made, and goals are set. Often many of us make too many resolutions and can’t focus on them all, so we end up achieving only one, or worse yet, none. Years ago, I realized that the mindset I entered the year with would set the tone for the rest of the year. I continue to practice prioritizing the most important goals and resolutions. This year at AchieveUnite, we’re focusing on resolutions and goals that not only create new opportunities but also foster an innovation mindset. I hope these insights can also be helpful for you and your team as you set your goals and resolutions.

Here are 6 tips that we have embraced to help with 2024 resolutions:

1. Embrace Change and Failure

Key to a growth and innovation mindset is the willingness to embrace change and view failures as opportunities for learning and improvement. This starts with the goal of stepping out of our comfort zone regularly. This could mean taking on new challenges at work, learning a new skill, or pursuing a personal passion you’ve always thought about starting. By accepting that failure is a natural part of the learning process, we are better positioned to innovate and create new opportunities for success.  During our 2024 planning, we conducted a team planning workshop to discuss our biggest wins, our biggest misses, determined themes, and decided what we should do differently.

2. Cultivate Curiosity

Innovation often begins with a curious mind. This year, we’re choosing to cultivate curiosity in our daily lives. This might involve staying informed about emerging trends in our industry, reading more, using new tools, or taking a class to learn about your strengths and weaknesses. Engaging in conversations with people from diverse backgrounds, we gain perspective and are better equipped to generate innovative ideas and solutions.

3. Analyze Regrets or Misses

How many times have we all set our New Year’s resolutions and failed to accomplish them because we got too busy and distracted? This has happened many times in my life. The end of the year has arrived, and we feel regret that we didn’t focus on our goals and resolutions. Through our 2024 planning and 2023 reflection, I learned from analyzing our misses, and the team’s ‘regrets’. Daniel H. Pink in his book “The Power of Regret,” explains:

“We need the ability to regret our poor decisions – to feel bad about them – precisely so we can improve those decisions in the future. When we handle it properly, regret can make us better.” – Daniel H. Pink

By looking back and understanding why we made mistakes or had failures, we can learn and make better decisions in the next year. I learned that I needed to focus on 2-3 key goals, rather than many, and take actionable steps toward those goals every week.

4. Foster Collaboration

Innovation and new opportunities thrive in collaborative environments where diverse ideas and perspectives come together. We are resolving to foster collaboration in both our personal and professional lives. By working together, we can uncover new opportunities and approaches that might not have been apparent when working in isolation.

5. Prioritize Continuous Learning

An innovative mindset requires a commitment to continuous learning. Setting a goal to invest in our education and development through formal courses, workshops or self-directed learning is one of the best resolutions we can ever make. Learning keeps our skills sharp and positions us to recognize and seize new opportunities as they arise. At AchieveUnite, we have a full range of courses and programs for People Development, Partnering Strategy, and Growth Catalyzation.

6. Identify and Share your Goals with Your Most Trusted Advisors

In general, I have learned that the people you trust and who care about you want to help you.  Sometimes it’s difficult to be vulnerable or openly share a goal, a mistake, or a desire; however, herein lies magic.  When we are candid, transparent, and sometimes openly vulnerable with our trusted community, we learn new things, we find opportunities, we build deeper levels of trust that may be a foundation later.  In addition, we declare our goals out loud in the universe, which also adds a ‘force effect’ to them.


Last but not least, here are some tangible resources to enhance your journey that AchieveUnite can provide:

  • For cultivating your curiosity and elevating your partnering skills be part of our AchieveUnite Partnering Quotient Index (PQi®) Engaging with PQi offers access to fresh and insightful content within the AchieveUnite Partnering Success Hub. Meet our new AI bot, Bob the Partnering Expert, who stands ready to answer all your questions related to partnering, leadership, and program strategies.
  • To empower your Collaboration be part of our Channel Ecosystem Bootcamp Certification: Take a significant step toward collaboration excellence. This one-day, in-person event serves as an outstanding networking and collaboration platform, empowering you to develop and execute impactful channel partner ecosystem strategies. Join us at our next CEB in Austin, Texas, on February 14th, 2024, hosted at the Google Building. A sincere thank you to Google for their generous hosting support!


I hope these tips and insights help you set your resolutions for 2024 and achieve them this year. From strategic planning to flawless execution, at AchieveUnite, we’re not just advisors or educators – we’re your dedicated catalysts for sales and marketing success. If you have any questions or need advice, please reach out to us here