As Millennials and Gen Xers gain experience and get promoted into leadership roles, it’s essential that they take a new, more progressive, relevant, and effective approach to management than prior generations. While Boomers were responsible for a great number of our tech startups and became CEOs, many of them are now retiring. What we need today is for these new generations to step into executive roles and revolutionize leadership practices

Bill George, an experienced executive in the tech field who is known for coining the term “authentic leadership” has authored a new book, True North: Emerging Leader Edition. George says the leadership we need today is highly collaborative at every level and focused on problem-solving, two qualities that are prominent in Gen Xers and Millennials.

Besides using their natural talents, how can future leaders from these generations prepare for their new roles? George says what were considered “soft skills” in the past are the new leadership requirements to be developed. Leaders today must be self-aware, values-driven, inclusive, empathetic, transparent, resilient, intrinsically motivated, and, yes, authentic.

This article offers more of George’s advice for up-and-coming leaders:

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