The AchieveUnite Partnering Quotient Index (PQi®) applies statistical modeling to define, measure, and evaluate partnering in trust. PQi enables predictions about partnering successes in different contexts.” -Dr. Catherine Lido, University of Glasgow, UK

Did you know that 60 to 65% of all strategic partnerships fail, for reasons including unrealistic expectations, failure to agree on objectives, and lack of trust? In our increasingly complex world, trust directly impacts our ability to effectively collaborate and build partnerships.

In this live session, we reveal the power and promise of our Partnering Quotient Index (PQi®), exploring topics to include:

  • Why being trustworthy is one of the most consistent predictors of relational success
  • How we closed the gap in psychometric assessments by developing a validated tool to measure trust
  • How your company can leverage PQi to improve individual performance, drive intra- and inter-organizational collaboration, and build more effective partnerships

Guests Include:

Sergio Bea, VP Global Enterprise and Channels at Accedian

Dr. Renee Pizarro, Sr. Director WW Commercial Segment & Digital Sales at HPE

Dalyn Wertz, Executive Director Indirect Channel Programs at Comcast Business


Watch their full conversation here: