Are you seeking to boost your decision-making expertise? You are not alone! Leaders are called upon to make endless decisions, both big and small, nearly every day. To do this, many of us turn to our gut – that combination of experience and emotions – for help. While your gut does give you some clues, they can’t be relied on for critical business outcomes. Fortunately, research in cognitive neuroscience and behavioral economics has shown that we can learn strategies to improve our decision-making ability so that we use our gut a bit less.

There are endless ways to gather data and statistics and this should be an important part of your decision-making process. Yet, we know that there are many ways to interpret data.

Effective Decision-Making Strategies

At AchieveUnite, we advocate for a collaborative approach with other stakeholders in interpreting data. This way, it becomes one of the most effective methods to utilize information, thus fostering strategic and significant decisions. Here are some pragmatic steps you can start using today for better decision-making:

  • Create a clear picture of the outcome you want to reach and share it with others
  • Solicit diverse perspectives (ie: different from yours) about how to reach this outcome
  • Develop several viable options and consider how you’ll weigh each in terms of reaching the outcome
  • Do a “premortem” where you discuss anything that could go wrong with each option
  • Implement the decision and then evaluate the results
  • Rinse and repeat

The great benefits of taking a bit more time to use this approach are that you end up with more perspectives, more information, and more thoughtful options for making critical decisions.

Eager to dive a little deeper? This article presents in-depth knowledge on decision-making strategies:

So, make the bold move today! Adopt a more integrated and inclusive approach to business decision-making and witness the powerful change and growth it can ignite.

Keep learning, keep leading!

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