More than 70% of vendors benchmarked by AchieveUnite are aligning incentive programs with their partner ecosystem strategies, which includes a more comprehensive focus on the customer buying journey and an array of partner investment funds (i.e., Market Development Funds, Business Developments Funds, and Strategic Development Funds). Supplier investments in the channel need to be designed to reward all participants in the vendor’s partner ecosystem, including influencers.

In this session, we share best practices and thought leadership to help you align your partner investment funds strategy and drive new behaviors required in the evolving channel.

Guests Include:

Tricia Atchison, VP Global Partner and Americas Marketing at Equinix
Micheal McCullough, Global VP Strategic Growth at Imperva
Mark Jones, Senior Consultant at AchieveUnite
Angus Robertson, Fractional CMO at Chief Outsiders
Theresa Caragol, Founder and CEO at AchieveUnite


Watch their full conversation here:



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