Gail Doerr

Gail Doerr is an accomplished, decisive, and knowledgeable executive with 25 years experience in innovative, mission-driven businesses. In various organizations, she has served in roles that include Vice President, Chief Operations Officer, and Assistant Dean. Gail has demonstrated successes in developing, facilitating and promoting educational programs, leading diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) programs, leading change management initiatives, creating strategic partnerships, and building high impact teams.

Today, Gail is dedicated to applying her experience, knowledge and skills to support the development of competent and compassionate leaders. Using best practices in adult education, facilitation, and coaching, she helps individuals maximize their potential, develop their authentic leadership, and create a career and life that aligns with their values and goals. As these leaders develop and find fulfillment in their work, organizations benefit by retaining top talent, experiencing higher productivity from dynamic teams, and deepening a culture of accountability and collective well-being.

At AchieveUnite, Gail is committed to expanding and sharing our unique leadership programs and services with individuals and organizations nationally and globally.


  • Bachelor of Science, Mercy College
  • Master of Science, Fordham University
  • Certificate, High Potentials Leadership, Harvard Business School
  • Certificate, Organizational Development and Change Leadership, Georgetown University
  • Completion of Presence Based Coaching I and II and Coaching Mentorship

Areas of Expertise

  • Development, facilitation and promotion of educational programs
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
  • Leadership Coaching
  • Business Development and Strategic Partnerships
  • Communications and Marketing