Finally, End-to-End Channel Services that Work

Speed. Precision. Effectiveness. This is what we all seek when it comes to channel marketing programs, yet why does it continue to be so elusive, even for the most robust and well-equipped teams out there? Do any of these symptoms sound familiar when it comes to isolating the friction in your own channel marketing programs?

  • Lack of visibility into outcomes
  • Limited partner communication
  • Lack of community management
  • Limited demand creation
  • Few transactional partners
  • Poor partner experience
  • Low partner engagement
  • Lack of partner loyalty
  • Slow deal velocity

So… why the chasm between client expectation and partner performance? Isn’t it time for End-to-End services that work?

Partner Recruitment & Engagement

Onboarding & Enablement

Channel Modern Marketing Strategies

Channel Sales Execution

Can you imagine your partner program delivering constant value through all 5 of these benefit areas?

  • Advanced Channel Decision-Making: Measure marketing investments and track step-by-step results
  • Faster Time to Sales: Easily manage your partner community and accelerate growth
  • Partner Empowerment: Manage the partner experience to create desired business outcomes
  • Impact & ROI: Drive your program and steer your partners to find and win best-fit buyers
  • World-Class Intel: Use data to turn insight into action

Assess >  Design & Develop > Implement

Overhaul your channel marketing programs and automation offerings with AchieveUnite’s complete 3-phase process:

  • Marketing: Review social media strategies, problem-solving journeys, digital health audit, and touch points in the brand experience
  • Programs: Recommend partner programs changes to focus on recruitment and engagement, onboarding, and deal/opportunity management
  • Automation: Automate PRM, marketing, and incentives, to accelerate automation readiness, content management, concierge services, resources and ROI and scorecard reporting.
  • Marketing: Audit social media strategies of top 3 competitors, diagram top 5 problem-solving journeys vs the competition, outline digital health parameters vs competitors, and document the brand touch points compared to competitors.
  • Programs: Perform segmentation, profiles, definition, onboarding programs, and lead and opportunity flow processes across GEO’s.
  • Automation: Automate platform needs, content management, develop concierge levels for partner tiers, define ROI and propose required resources, and solidify RFI/RFP, vendor selection and contraction negotiation for automation platforms.
  • Marketing: Update social media impact strategy, modify customer problem solving journey, report digital health audit, and observations of touch point brand experience.
  • Programs: Assist in partner program implementation, lead and opportunity flow across geo’s, and implement onboarding program aligned with tools and processes.
  • Automation: Launch internal communication and adoption plan, launch initial implementation of automation tools model, implement concierge services model, drive PILOT to ensure success on automation platforms, and launch full scale adoption plan.

From Start to Finish. And Beyond.

Built on start-to-finish best practices across every stage and cycle of partner engagement, AchieveUnite’s Channel Marketing, Programs, and Automation services are a game-changer for any brand looking to get it right across every touch point in partner relations. This includes a philosophy based on:

  • Clearly identified success metrics and objectives
  • Properly segmented partner base
  • Institutionalized measurements of investments
  • Tightly executed PILOT programs
  • Original surveys and data
  • Platform-based communications tools
  • Exhaustive collateral, social media, and digital health audits
  • IQ and EQ-based brand assessments at every customer touch point

Where can we go together?

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