Partner Lifetime Value: Measurable Results for Channel Vendors

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Have you ever wanted to discover the real answers to questions like the following?



  • How do I know if my channel partners are the right ones for my company, the absolute best partners?
  • What should I be doing to strengthen loyalty with my channel partners, loyalty that results in better revenue growth and improvements in end-customer satisfaction?
  • How do I improve technical resource sharing with my channel partners so that we are in close alignment and leverage our critical human assets?

The team at AchieveUnite not only asked these questions but answered them. Through a partnership with the University of Glasgow, AchieveUnite conducted a study of Partner LifeTime Value® to learn about its underlying structure and the factors that are most important to partnership success.Check out this eBook to find out more about the study and to learn about the six elements of Partner LifeTime Value® that will maximize your partnership potential.

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