We all know that collaboration is key to business success. Co-selling is a collaborative sales approach where two or more organizations work together to jointly sell products or services to a shared customer base. In co-selling, each party brings its unique strengths to the table to create a more compelling offering for the customers. The goal is to leverage the combined capabilities of each partnering organization to drive increased sales and mutual success.

For Partner Account Managers (PAMs) and Partner Sales teams, mastering the art of co-selling can significantly enhance your effectiveness and drive revenue growth. In this LinkedIn Live session, we will discuss the core principles and best practices of co-selling. Key topics covered include:

• Dynamics of the co-selling ecosystem
• Identifying ideal partners
• Aligning goals and incentives
• Effective communication strategies
• Leveraging technology for collaboration

-Marc Monday -Senior Executive
-John Muscarella -VP of Channel Sales, Cox
Theresa Caragol – CEO, AchieveUnite

-Chris Cleary, VP of Sales, MarketSource

Watch the full conversation here: