The partner ecosystem of today is evolving rapidly. You may have the right programs and a good portfolio of partners, but does your partner sales team have the necessary hard and soft skills to take your business to the next level? The Partner Account Manager of the future must become a dynamic force, blending traditional relationship-building skills with a forward-thinking, tech-savvy approach. By embracing adaptability, fostering collaboration, and staying ahead of industry trends, the future-ready PAM/CAM will not only navigate change successfully but will also drive innovation and growth for both their organization and their partners.

In recognizing the pivotal role of your Partner Account Managers (PAMs), investing in their training and development becomes paramount. Join us for our upcoming dynamic LinkedIn Live session on “The Partner Account Manager of the Future.” through collaboration
• Identify, align with, and support partners’ goals
• Drive accountability in their partner relationships

Don’t miss out on insights into the changing landscape of business partnerships and discover how you and your PAMs can thrive in the Partner Account Manager role. February 21st at 3 pm EST

-Marc Monday -Senior VP of Sales, Sage
-Michelle Hodges – Global Channel & Alliances Chief, Ivanti
-John Muscarella -VP of Channel Sales, Cox
Theresa Caragol – CEO, AchieveUnite

Watch the full conversation here: