In this era of rapid innovation, we’re venturing into hyperspace, creating a partnering ecosystem powered by AI. Check this dynamic LinkedIn Live session as we explore AI’s transformative power to enhance partnering success, creativity, and productivity. This timely discussion will feature AchieveUnite experts in AI and partner management, exploring the many ways AI can revolutionize partner marketing, partner enablement, and sales in our new AI-driven economy.

This live event is for anyone who needs to further develop partnering expertise, whether you are in sales, marketing, or operations. If you struggle with any of these challenges or others, this event is for you: • My team struggles with planning and helping partners grow • Our partners aren’t growing fast enough with our technology and solutions • We get so much general training, but nothing sticks with the partner sellers, marketers, and managers

By joining us, you’ll learn how AI-driven strategies can unlock new creative potentials, streamline processes, and amplify productivity within your partner ecosystem. From personalized marketing campaigns to data-driven insights, we’ll equip you with the tools and techniques to elevate your partnering efforts. Our panel will share real-world examples, an innovative new tool, and actionable insights on leveraging AI to foster stronger, more effective partner relationships.


Theresa Caragol – CEO, AchieveUnite

-Jessica Baker -CPO, AchieveUnite

-Carmen Sorice, Senior Advisor and Consultant, AchieveUnite

-Nancy Reynolds, Senior Facilitator, AchieveUnite

Watch the full conversation here: