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AchieveUnite Launches Industry-Leading Executive Coaching Service

Results-driven executive coaching using a proprietary framework


Alexandria, VA (November 5, 2020) Channel strategy and education firm, AchieveUnite, is proud to announce the launch of their industry-leading Laser Executive Coaching services.

AchieveUnite’s Laser Coaching for executives specializes in quickly and accurately discovering the most effective steps to solving their challenges to greater success. Unlike traditional coaching sessions that take 60 minutes or more, AchieveUnite Laser Coaching uses 30 to 45-minute sessions to effectively articulate what is holding an individual back, what they need to succeed, and what is required to achieve their goals in the most efficient manner. In combination with our personalized assessments, Laser Coaching always keeps the individual at the center of the session.

Laser Coaching is offered in the following areas by experienced coaches who have walked the walk:

  • Executive development
  • High performance leadership
  • Emerging leadership
  • Interpersonal relationships, listening skills, and empathy
  • Influence
  • Leading during times of change
  • Communication skills
  • Motivation and engagement and leading with vision and purpose
  • Building effective teams
  • Strategy and strategic thinking

An executive coaching session with an AchieveUnite coach is a personalized experience that creates a key sense of accountability and takes an individual through active steps that will give them the tools to achieve their goals.

“I am lucky to be able to learn from inspirational women that have a talent around coaching and mentorship. The executive leadership skills and guidance around how to adapt to change has been instrumental during these challenging times. Their coaching has also been an eye-opener around how to build a channel from inception while providing leadership on “why investing in the channel is key” for the growth of any business.” – Jasmina M. VP Global Partnerships

AchieveUnite CEO, Theresa Caragol, on the power of Laser Coaching, “The tech industry needs coaching now more than ever before. Executives need additional help cultivating their EQ and IQ skills, as well as solving real world challenges. High potential and emerging leaders need the same assistance — albeit at a different level. Finding spare time can be a challenge, so Laser Coaching offers quick, powerful, lasting results.”

AchieveUnite’s Consultants, Trainers, and Coaches have immense experience in their fields. Access to Laser Coaching from this diverse team will provide opportunities to leaders that guarantee effective and powerful results. Schedule a Laser Coaching Session today at


About AchieveUnite Inc.

AchieveUnite Inc. is a partner performance company that offers proven Consulting services and Education programs that deliver business transformational services. Everything we do is rooted in our ground-breaking research around Partner LifeTime Value® and our Vendor Maturity Index (VMi™) which deliver measurable insights and strategies into channel success. Our education programs develop both EQ and IQ skills in channel leaders that promote the inclusion, collaboration, and strategic skills required for success in today’s world.