Delivering sustained growth year after year is difficult in any business across all industries. Information is accessible to all and everyone is trying to apply that information to their business advantage. This obsession that companies and people have with data has made the sales cycle extremely complex and more difficult to control for sellers. More decision makers and influencers are involved from the customer or prospect. Because of this trend, companies must leverage and effectively collaborate among their Sales and internal teams.

Applying the basics of retaining and growing your existing customers and obtaining new ones becomes more difficult because companies are investing differently than they did in the past.

5 Factors for Success for Your Inside Sales / Channel Business:

  1. Establish a realistic cost of the investment and a return. In general expect a $15 to $20 return for every $1 invested. Depending on the average order size, an Inside Sales team needs to produce a minimum of $1.5M per Rep. Typically the average transaction is between $20,000 and $30,000 with sales cycle between one and six months.
  1. Identify and calculate your risks: For example: What is the risk? Risk being if we do invest,and the alternative risk of choosing not to invest and applying status quo. We all lose some customers to competition and other reasons. One must stay ahead of customer attrition by attracting and selling to new customers regularly.
  1. Execute on a well thought out business plan and strategy. Success does not happen by accident. Start with a realistic stretch goal for the group to reach. Identify your customers and prospects by segment so you can leverage both Field and Inside working together. Multiple sales resources working on segmented opportunities while teaming on others to shorten the sales cycle is powerful.
  1. Hire solid people who are motivated by success and incentives. Blending experienced sellers with recently graduated professionals is a winning combination. Inside Sales management is key to managing the selling activity and providing leadership focus every day.
  1. Provide the sales team with tools that include quality product, service, and sales training.

Continue to drive the all-important Sales Methodology that increased selling activity will build quality pipeline that will ensure accurate forecasting that will deliver above quota performance.

Provide a call tracking tool for Reps and Managers to deliver consistent pipeline growth.Reward top performers through rewards and recognition. This will create an exciting, results-focused culture for your company.

Leverage the power of Inside Sales. Maximize a cost-effective sales team to secure new business, retain and grow your existing business, and shorten the sales cycle while improving customer service. Inside Sales working in tandem with the Field is a complete territory and account-focused approach to delivering above quota performance while gathering key customer and industry information.

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