AchieveUnite partnered with CompTIA to research and interview more than 20 Channel Executives and Channel Teams to understand what creates the most effective Partner Experience (PX). This deep dive delivered insight into the four major trends and themes most effectively driving the channel around Partner Experience. This blog post explores one of the four major trends found in the research.

Do your channel partners fully understand your product, programs, processes, and policies? Have you enabled them to effectively go to market, equipped with everything they need to meet their business needs, grow, and find success? After all, you’ve got the product, and they’ve got the customers. You need to connect your solutions with your channel partners and customers seamlessly, without friction, finding mutual success. Enablement is now more important than ever, and we need to account for a variety of approaches: face-to-face, hybrid, and virtual enablement.

In today’s world, we see an enthusiastic wave of desire to reconnect in person. Over-rotation here is risky, and we need to be careful not to forget the remote worker. To adapt their efforts for those remote, the successful builder of partnerships must account for the variety of ways the remote worker consumes content – everyone is different, with varying degrees of learning styles.

We have the researcher who prefers to find the content and absorb it all – but not on your schedule. Next, we have the quick hitter who enjoys a frequent dose of content but in small chunks. This person loves short-form content, and no, they will not pay attention to your 90-minute webinar. Finally, we have the balancer, who prefers a prescribed enablement track that they can methodically follow.

What does this tell us? Variety is king. There is no one size fits all solution – the best enablement strategies create content that fits all three of these consumption types.

So, what do you do? Create a playbook, and make it readily available in your PRM. Host a webinar and invite all. Create an inventory of short-form content to tell your story and cut it into easily digestible chunks. Create it, adapt it, drive it, and don’t forget to hybridize it!