Research shows that the best business leaders have strong soft skills, high emotional intelligence, and collaborate well across teams, organizations, customers, and partnerships. But honing these skills doesn’t come easy, especially for busy professionals who can’t afford to be locked in a classroom for days on end.

That’s why AchieveUnite, an established, innovative partner advisory company that helps generate maximum results from their channel and alliance organizations, is partnering with WITS to bring to you, ACE Leadership by Influence. This uniquely designed virtual leadership program delivers high quality professional development for women in the tech industry, and covers key areas including adaptive leadership, inspiring others to action, and building your leadership roadmap.

ACE is an 8-week program comprised of eight, 90-minute peer to peer learning sessions, with each session addressing a different topic. Peer to peer learning is an ideal way to master course content and often creates additional support and networking opportunities. The sessions happen in a ‘flipped classroom’ which enable participants to learn from others and empower themselves to grow as a professional channel leaders and mentors.

This exclusive program was developed by women experts in the Channel and Leadership industries with a combined 75+ years of experience who believe that character, altruism and self-awareness are the foundations of true leadership, and ultimately, the foundations for individual and organizational success.

If you want to learn:

  • How authentic leadership can take your career to the next level
  • How to effectively collaborate, get your voice heard, make sound decisions that propel you and your team forward
  • How to develop valuable relationships with your peers in the industry that you can leverage throughout your career
  • How to gain further insight into how to influence and negotiate better

Then ACE Leadership By Influenceis right for you!

The cost of 1 seat in the ACE program is regularly $1,595 but is being offered in partnership with WITS for only $1,195. AND, in support of women in the tech industry, for each referral to the ACE program, AchieveUnite will donate 20% ($240) of the cost of your seat to TechGirlz.

Applications will be reviewed in the order they are received. To obtain an application, please Contact Us.

Expand your knowledge, enhance your leadership and accelerate your career success!

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