AchieveUnite Channel Assessment Survey Results:

Partner-Centric Pro


Congratulations! You have accomplished what very few can really say: A complete partner-centric strategy that truly is win/win. Keep doing what you are doing, and do not forget to continually refine your 5P’s:

Policies Processes Platform People Program

Partner strategies are never truly finished – with each wave of technology, market fluctuation, and trend, you will need to be ahead of the curve. Skate to where the puck is going!

As you continue your journey to creating a strong program, here are some helpful resources to support you along the way:
Channel Acceleration Bootcamp M&A and the Channel:
Match Made in Heaven?
Take Your Skills to the Next Level

Our Channel Acceleration Bootcamp (CAB) helps professionals develop and deliver a unique channel strategy that fits their business needs and drives value for their partners.

Virtual Class meets once a week for 90-minutes in an interactive ‘flippedclassroom’ style format.

You will learn:

  • The fundamentals of building a channel program.
  • Critical success factors of aprogram.
  • Key elements of channel strategy.
  • Partner program creation.
AchieveUnite believes in the power of partnerships, and in the tech industry, it is very common for partnerships to develop to help increase mutual value. We provide some thoughts and ideas for those who find themselves traversing this complex relationship.
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4 Things to Know About Emerging Technology
By leveraging the Five Forces affecting channel programs today, solution providers will serve their clients more effectively, and in turn, prepare their own business for the decades ahead.
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