AchieveUnite Channel Assessment Survey Results:


Looks like you are just starting your partnering journey.  Everyone starts somewhere; first focus on building the foundational elements of your program.
These elements might include some of the following aspects:
  • Defining your program
  • Setting up some training and marketing collateral
  • Begin standardizing your approach to partners and build on elements where you are successful.
  • Think about the internal team that is supporting this effort
» What roles do you have?
» What roles are missing?
» What is needed next?
As you continue your journey to creating a strong program, here are some helpful resources to support you along the way:
Channel Acceleration Bootcamp Custom Channel Assessment or Workshop
Take Your Skills to the Next Level

Our Channel Acceleration Bootcamp (CAB) helps professionals develop and deliver a unique channel strategy that fits their business needs and drives value for their partners.

Virtual Class meets once a week for 90-minutes in an interactive ‘flippedclassroom’ style format.

You will learn:

  • The fundamentals of building a channel program.
  • Critical success factors of aprogram.
  • Key elements of channel strategy.
  • Partner program creation.
You took the first step by completing this assessment survey; AchieveUnite Custom Assessments are often the next step to helping your program validate and optimize your channel and partner enablement strategies to ensure maximum Partner LifetimeValue®, a quantified measure of the value of your channel partnerships.

Before you know what to change, you must know where you are starting from as a program. Assessments focus broadly across your program or target specific program areas of your choosing.

Find Your Class Find the Channel Assessment for You