ISO 44001-Based Collaborative Business Training

At AchieveUnite, we believe in the power of collaboration. Collaborative leaders are more effective, more productive, and enable their teams to achieve bigger goals than they could individually. There is magic in harnessing the power of the partnership—and leveraging that power can yield wildly successful results.

That’s why we created the Achieve Masterclass program. Built on the internationally recognized ISO 44001 standards, Achieve Masterclass brings together the best of the best from a learning, training, classroom, and practitioner perspective. Through our online and in-person workshops, we help businesses leaders from companies of all sizes to adopt new and innovative ways of working.

This program is designed to help sales teams, engineering teams, service organizations, channel teams, product management, and marketing organizations develop advanced interpersonal skills that enable more powerful and more strategic discussions with customers, partners and prospects. This positions them to be highly effective and confident ‘business consultants’ with exceptional market, technical understanding, credibility and knowledge

Two Tracks – One Vision

Choose the Masterclass that works for you:

In-Person Workshops

  • Customized workshops to develop interpersonal skills and behaviors
  • Learn with and from other professionals in a comfortable and personalized setting

Online Workshops

  • Web conference events that you can attend from wherever you happen to be
  • Webinars hosted by industry expert speakers on a variety of topics


ISO 44001 is an international business standard developed by the International Organization for Standardization that defines and prescribes best collaborative relationship management practices. These practices promote commonality between teams from culturally different organizations and help businesses get maximum value from their alliance and channel partnerships.

ISO 44001 defines five Elements of Integration and eight Stages of Collaborative Business Relationships that are recognized as ‘best practice’ in developing collaborative, strategic relationships. This helps teams of all sizes work together to build a flexible and robust system of establishing, managing and developing sustainable partnerships. This helps your organization have the capability to increase success in building relationships with more customers, larger customers and creating strategic alliances to win more business and gain market share

The 5 Elements of Integration

These consistently support productive, long term collaborative business relationships:

  • Strategic: Develop key relationships with target customers, end users and opportunities
  • Tactical: Working together on projects, activities and client needs
  • Operational: Working practices, processes, and project plans to deliver against the above
  • Interpersonal: Individuals getting to know each other, skills to build relationships internally and externally that foster collaboration
  • Cultural: Building the communication skills and cultural awareness to bridge differences—internally and externall

8 Stages of Collaborative Business Relationships

These eight stages follow a natural sequence from opening up a collaborative business relationship to extension selling and ultimate completion:

  • Context & Landscape: Situation, leadership & history
  • Knowledge of client and opportunity
  • Internal Assessment of company and team readiness
  • Partner Selection: Capability, roles, and responsibilities of each in the sales process
  • Value Creation and continuous value expansion
  • Working Together: Vendor and partner governance with client
  • Staying Together: Client loyalty and integration with vendor and partner
  • Client Expansion & New Opportunity Creation: Expand into new opportunities, improvemen


This program is designed to support Sales Account Managers and Systems Engineers to:

  • Be more confident and competent talking at a senior level (C suite) on strategic and business risk topics as well as technical issues – this with both end users (e.g. CIOs, CISOs) as well as Partners
  • Be able to explore business issues and risk appetite and open up solution business based discussions rather than product discussions
  • Enable Sales and SEs to work well together but also be confident when working more independently

While developing existing skills to provide immediate gains and visible improvement, we help participants establish performance goals, educate teams, provide resources to enable real world adoption, and review your success. With a greater awareness of mindset, toolset and skillset to work more strategically and more collaboratively, participants will be better able to identify more strategic opportunities, larger partnership alliances and ultimately close bigger and higher value deals.

The Achieve Masterclass approach will:

  • Be motivational and challenging – they see evidence of investment in them as key contributors
  • Deliver results – e.g. increase revenue and ability to engage strategically and win bigger deals
  • Position your company as a partner of choice with key, strategic clients – increase market share; increase bid: win

Topics Covered

  • How do we attract, recruit, and retain top talent?
  • How do we think globally and act locally? How do we deliver multi geography solutions to our customers?
  • How do we engage in today’s social and digital economy? How do we win more business from influencers and referrals?
  • How do we conduct business with multiple partners involved in the solution and/or sales cycle?
  • How do we deliver industry-specific or niche solutions?
  • How do I create relevance to the business outcome given that time to ROI has been reduced from 18-24 months to 0-6 months?
  • How do you lead and embed change through collaborative business practices?
  • How do you drive a culture of collaboration and empowerment that drives innovation and profitability?
  • How do we build trusted long-term relationships with partners?

What business challenges do we solve?

  • Building collaboration ‘DNA’ into teams that drives accountability, adoption to an outstanding customer experience, and gives teams the skills, knowledge, and support to intercept, predict, and proactively solve challenges.
  • Building multi-company partnerships with more than two players in the business ecosystem.
  • Educating managers to support their teams with the soft skills, the right first time business decisions, and accountability—in other words, to create empowered managers who can effectively collaborate and coach.