The benefit of having a diverse workforce isn’t hard to understand. A diverse workforce will be able to apply a much broader range of backgrounds, skill sets and experience to the daily task of operating a business. However, in the tech market, there still seems to be a disparity in the number of women who are successful in the workplace. And this leads to a less diverse workforce than is potentially possible.

There have been some very interesting statistics published that show just how deep this problem goes. According to CompTIA’s recent research, women make up just 25% of the IT workforce. For many women working in technology, it is a challenge to become successful without the assistance of mentors and role models which can be a sharp contrast to male technical staff, who may be promoted on merit.

This white paper is based on research conducted by Theresa Caragol, CEO AchieveUnite, titled “The science, statistics and importance of women’s success in the tech industry.”

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