ACE Testimonials

We knew that our curriculum for an 8-week interactive leadership course was on to something special for helping women in leadership, but the experiences of our participants have surpassed our expectations! ACE, our signature leadership training program, is changing lives every day; but don’t just take our word for it! See for yourself the impact being made on these remarkable women.

“I can never express enough the amount of confidence I have gained by being a part of ACE. We have some of the most powerful woman in the channel sharing their success and failures and it will only make us all stronger. Each and every one of you have taught me something that I didn’t know prior to these classes including how to have yourself be heard as a woman with strength, confidence, and a brand. I am using everything I am learning and applying it to all aspects of my career.”

– Michele, Partner Channel Manager

“Being a part of the ACE Leadership by Influence experience was so helpful in my career! This intimate women’s group has you listen to shared experiences and advice to help grow professionally and personally. The program could not have happened at a better time in my career because there were times our themes would be spot on from what I needed to hear for the great, and not so great, tasks I had going on that week. Nancy, Cheryl and Theresa are so motivating and supporting, they want to see you succeed! You forever have a community of ladies to go to!”

– Lauren, Marketing Director

“I have learned so much from this course. No one else has ever been able to get through to me the same way that you have. Vital pieces of information that now seem obvious and are essential to career/leadership success simply didn’t register prior to your course. (Such as the importance of soft skills and relationships, for example.)”

– Rebecca, Product Marketing Manager

“The ACE leadership program is great for any woman in the channel. I truly feel like part of a small community… I am leaving the program with more confidence in myself and my career in the channel… Challenging conversations, negotiation and your brand go far beyond who you are as a professional. I now feel empowered and have a clear vision for my future…”

– Alyson, Channel Sales Manager

“Initially I didn’t know what to expect from the ACE program. In the end, I had a 12-month professional roadmap plan completed, a better understanding of myself, my leadership skills and a rejuvenated spirit. The best eight hours I’ve spent on myself in a long time!!”

– Laura, Partner Account Manager

And just listen to the story of Jasmina and how ACE helped her pursue an entirely new level in her career.

If you feel inspired by the experiences here, ask yourself this, “Am I ready to invest in myself and my future?”

There is no time like the present and if you’re ready to join the next ACE cohort on the path to leadership success, check out our website and register today.