For too long Partner-Vendor relationships have been approached with a transactional mindset. In today’s connected world we must work to foster these relationships forging them into partners for life. In the video below AchieveUnite CEO and Channel Champion, Theresa Caragol shares with Channetivity how to forge strong partner relationships while growing both of your businesses. A few key takeaways:

  • Current partner programs can be too complex! Business planning meetings should not take hours and multiple tabs.
  • By making things simpler you are better able to evaluate your programs more regularly and adapt to the markets.
  • Just like building a house, your partner programs must start on a strong foundation and be built by people you trust.
  • By escaping the self-imposed hierarchy within the Partner-Vendor relationships and implementing automation you can improve both your business relationships and channel revenue.
  • Continually build both emotional and conventional intelligence.
  • Put your hearts and minds into your channel partners.

Watch the video below for more!